Packing for the gym can pose some difficulties if you’re just starting out. You’re either missing something or your over-packed. Either option sucks and can hinder your work-out progress.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential items to improve your work-out and make your gym life easier. Our inspiration for this list stems from the bloggers at Nerd Fitness 

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FitBits have been the new fad in the world of working out since the age of apps. Common questions amongst potential buyers are: If it’s right for me, does it properly track my workouts, etc.

 Check out our reviews on the latest FitBits where we will answer some of your questions!

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Types of Meditation

Mindful meditation has been proven to improve the bodies wellness; mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Many healthcare professionals are even recommending it to their patients as a natural remedy against depression, anxiety and life stress.

When you begin to meditate, you’re in a state of awareness. You’re able to deduce the habits or unhealthy coping mechanisms that you may have accumulated over years. Through regular meditation, you can transform the mind into being more peaceful and cultivating different methods of happiness.

An article from Sipping Wellness describes dance as the best exercise to prevent dementia. 

Dance utilizes both memory and physical fitness which works the hippcampus; the area of our brain that deals with memory.

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