7 Things to Bring to the Gym to Boost Your Experience.

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Packing for the gym can be difficult when you’re first starting out. If you’re too cautious and you’re stuck lugging around a bag full of things you don’t need. On the other hand, if you’re careless about packing your gear you could be missing something vital for your work-out.

It sucks to be in either situation. When developing your routine, packing for the gym plays an important role for a successful workout. So to help you out, we’ve written a list of gym essentials that’ll help you improve your work-out session.

1. Gym bag


Most gyms give you a free bag when you sign up. If not, any old bag will do. I prefer a duffle bag from my old taekwondo days, but a simple backpack works too. It just needs to be able to fit your workout gear inside of it.

If you’re one to take showers at the gym, be prepared to have a little extra space to accommodate for an extra change of clothes.

Here’s a good website for mens gym bag: Source


2. Towel

For the obvious reasons, a towel is the second gym essential on the list. You ever go to a machine and start working out, only to notice that the equipment is full of sweat? Not a great feeling. Don’t be that guy and bring a towel out of respect for your fellow gym goers. Also, it comes in handy when you’re breaking a serious sweat.

A small work-out style towel will do the trick for any work-out just because it does the job and it’s easy to carry. It’s best to avoid shower towels to save yourself some space in your bag.

3. Tunes & Headphones

Nothing gets me more worked up than a solid playlist. Pick a list of songs that are uplifting or pump you up to help motivate you at those high intervals. Apple Music playlists are my go-to for finding some good work-out beats but Spotify works just fine for android users. Just make sure you have Wifi.

As for headphones, choose a pair that won’t bother you when you’re in the zone. Wireless is the best route to go, just so you don’t have to spend time de-tangling the wires or worry about it getting caught on gym equipment. I also like to choose noise cancelling headphones to really set the work-out mood.

The Wirecutter has amazing reviews on the best headphones. Check them out here: Source

4. Water bottle

Most gyms have a water fountain but I highly recommend skipping the lines and having my own water bottle. Especially for cardio intense work-outs. Here’s a useful list on BPA water bottles to keep you hydrated: source

5. Work-out App

In order to make the most out of your gains, an app-tracker is essential. It allows you to set goals and it provides a standard of measurement for all of your workouts. Did I also mention it’s incredibly satisfying seeing your progress from when you first started working out? MyTraining is my personal favorite for logging my work-outs, but there’s also Strength and Evernote as-well. They all have their pro’s and con’s so pick which one works best for you.

6. Gym Shoes

I know a lot of gym newbies might just throw on whatever shoes they’ve got in their house, but in doing that you really limit yourself to a solid workout. Seriously, you don’t need special shoes to lift weights but investing in good shoes can go a long way.

For lifting serious weights, you need shoes that are flat and stay as close to the ground as possible because you are using your heels to push. Therefore, a popular choice among heavy lifters are Converse shoes.

Click here for suggested shoes for lifting

7. Good Attitude

Packing a good attitude is #7 on our list of items just because it’s hard. When your gym visits are inconsistent and you don’t give it your all, your work-outs aren’t going to be the best.

Overall, hitting the gym can be difficult. Finding the motivation and having consistency is key to it but I’m hoping that this packing list makes your life a bit easier. 

Inspiring author who’s an undergraduate at Harvard university.

Sarah Sunatra

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